Functionality of Cub Pack Records Database V10.07

The Cub Pack Records Database software is designed for Pack Scouters in South Africa to keep and maintain Cub records based on the very latest Cub Programme (2014).

Data stored

  • Personal details including names, addresses, contact details, telephone numbers, parent details, email addresses and much more.
  • Religions, names of Sixes, sports, hobbies, activity types, activities, signatories for tests, awards, Six Competitions and
  • Points categories are highly configurable so that the package may be tailored to suit a specific Pack.
  • Dates on which any test for Advancement Badges and Interest are kept.
  • Dates on which appointments (Sixer, Second, etc) may be kept.
  • Attendance at activities can be recorded.
  • Six points can be recorded and results easily tallied.
  • Historical records of old Cubs are retained.
  • Flags to determine whether a badge has been awarded (presented) to a Cub.


Many different reports may be printed and are as follows:

  • Full report with personal details, Advancement, Interest badges passed and Activities per Cub.
  • Contact lists with name, address, telephone/cell numbers with a number of options that may be chosen.
  • Birthday list for the current year.
  • List of who has passed or not passed an Interest or Advancement badge. Badge Certificates may be printed.
  • Statistics to assist with the Group census based on Badge Advancement, Age profile of Pack and Badges earned in a specified time interval. Reports on who has not earned an Interest badge and/or an Advancement badge. This could be useful for future planning to determine who should be targeted for these badges for the Star Awards.
  • Advancement Badge progress chart.
  • Interest badge progress chart.
  • Activity Attendance - who was present, excused or absent from an activity which may be a camp, meeting, etc.
  • Medical details which may be useful for taking to a camp.
  • Six competition report in easily interpreted graphical and tabular detail.
  • Contact sheet which may be completed by parents in assisting the gathering of Cub personal data.
  • Monthly Pack report which includes number of Cubs, badges earned and Pack Meeting percentage attendance.
  • Advancement by Level report shows which Cubs are working on each Advancement level and which tests they have passed. 
  • Reports may be printed for a single Cub, multiple selected Cubs, a Six or all Cubs.
  • Reports may be generated in PDF format.
  • Reports may be easily emailed.

Imports and exports

  • Cub personal details and badges passed may be exported to a CSV file which may then be imported into a reporting tool, Excel, a database, etc. You may set up your own reports if there is no standard report that is suitable.
  • The entire Cub database can be exported to a zip file which can then be imported into a MySQL database.


  • Multiple Cub databases may be kept. This allows for more than one Pack on the same computer.
  • Old Cub data may be imported from any older version of the software packages.
  • Email addresses or cell phone numbers may be retrieved by criteria (Six or all) and copied and pasted into your email or SMS/text client.
  • Easy Backup and Restore of data.
  • On line help and context sensitive help.
  • On startup, an optional window pops up which lists those Cubs who have not been awarded (presented) with a badge. This is for both Advancement and Interest Badges.
  • Users who have an Internet connection established will be notified automatically when a new version is available.