Functionality Competition Results Database V6.04

The Competition Results Database software is designed for scoring a Cub or Scout competition.

Any Cub or Scout competition may be configured. The three major requirements for the configuration are:

  • The names of teams/Sixes/Patrols who take part.
  • The definition of the activities or tests that make up the competition.
  • The definition of a Trophies which are awarded to the winners. A Trophy depends on activities being assigned to it

Team results/marks/scores of activities may be entered into the package after which the following reports may be generated:

  • Competition Itinerary - the dates and times of activities.
  • Judge List - the names of judges with their abbreviation.
  • Judge Mark Sheets - the judge writes the result/score/mark on this sheet for all teams.
  • Competition Tests - the definition of activities with mark break down/judge marking criteria, time and name of judge.
  • Outstanding Results - results/marks/scores for which no entry is made.
  • Team Mark Sheets - The final mark sheet handed to each team leader at the end of the competition.
  • Competition Winners - list of the winners of the various configured Trophies.
  • Export to csv - export the final result of the competition to a csv file which can then be manipulated in 3rd party packages such as Microsoft Excel.

The question of why use a configurable package like this rather than use a spreadsheet, is raised? The reasons are:

  • Reporting is made very easy using this package.
  • All the calculations of a competition are done for you, for any number of Trophies which depend on different activities/tests. There is no need to design a spreadsheet which is prone to error if a formula is typed in incorrectly, not replicated/whatever.
  • A competition can be defined very quickly assuming the activities and team names are known.
  • It is claimed by the author of this package, that the use of a spread sheet is an inherently dodgy tool because it is too easy to mess up formulas and skew the result of a competition.
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