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Members of the Mafeking Cadets


* Mafeking Cadet Corps

The following list of the Mafeking Defence Corps is from the Defence of Mafeking Medal Roll. Members of the town guard and the various regiments stationed in Mafeking were awarded the "Defence of Mafeking" Bar to the Queen's South Africa Medal, 1899-1902. The cadets were awarded a medal with clasp "Defence of Mafeking". Cadets
C.S.M. Warner F. Goodyear

Sgt. I.O. Stenson

Cpl. G.G. Gates

Cpl. Sydney Harrhy

J. Atherstone
J. Bently
A. Bradley
Walter Brown
Willie Brown
A. Brown
L. Brown
C. Chowles
J.E. Crament
E. Fodisch
C. Gordon
Henry Hammond
Ramsay Harrhy
Alec McNicol
S. Palmer
J. Renzkie
J. Rowland
J. Rowles
S. Shipman
A. Shipman
C. Stenson
W. Stenson
J. Stenson
G. Sheesby
G. Webster
L. Webster
P. Westdyk
G. Whales
F. Wolhuter
H. Wolhuter
R. Wright
E. Wright
P.G. Rentizke
C. O'Neil

[J.E. Crement, G.G. Gates and Alec McNicol were also (at a later stage?) members of the Mafeking Town Guard. P. Westdyk and A. Brown were Privates in the Bechuanaland Rifles, a regiment made up mainly of Mafeking men. They were awarded bars for both Defence of Mafeking and Transvaal.

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Names from Defence of Mafeking Roll, A Chimperie publication