Scout mailing lists FAQ

What are the mailing lists for?

We run several mailing lists for SCOUTS South Africa. These mailing lists act as an additional channel of communication within the organisation.

The mailing lists are used for news and announcements about Scouting, and are not intended as a discussion forum.

Who are the mailing lists for?

Mailing lists are intended for adult leaders and supporters of SCOUTS South Africa, but are open to others including Rovers, Scouts, parents, committee members and others involved in Scouting. Regional commissioners and organisers of Scouting activities are encouraged to send information to the appropriate lists, as a way of improving communications within the organisation.

Please note that the messages circulated to the lists do not represent the opinion of SCOUTS South Africa, but are the responsibility of the author of the message.

Membership of a mailing list is a privilege and anyone who abuses the facility may be removed from the list.

Which mailing list should I join?

There is a mailing list for each region. Join the list for the most appropriate region or regions. National announcements are sent to all lists, so if you join more than one list you may receive duplicates of some announcements.

How do I join a mailing list?

Refer to the instructions at:

How do I leave the mailing list?

You can remove yourself from the list (unsubscribe) using the instructions at

If you have problems subscribing or unsubscribing, contact the webmaster for assistance.

How do I send a message to the mailing list?

The lists are moderated, i.e. only certain approved people may send messages to the list members. If you are not an approved member, you may still send a message to the list, but it will not be sent out to the list until it is approved by the list moderator.

Once you have subscribed to the mailing list, instructions will be mailed to you which include the mailing address of the list which you have joined.

Mailing list Rules!

  • Only Scouting-related notices may be posted
  • Attachments, such as images, files, etc, are discouraged
  • Very large messages will automatically be rejected by the list
  • Commercial advertising is not allowed
  • Virus warnings and chain letters of any kind are not allowed
  • You may not post the same message to more than one mailing list simultaneously
  • When posting to the list, do not CC the message to other addresses.
  • Messages may not be posted by non-members
  • The Scout Law should be considered at all times

Comments and additions to this FAQ are always welcomed. We will try to answer your questions and add the answers to future versions of the FAQ.

  • Last update 26 May 2011
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