Be Prepared for Life

Activity Kit Three:
"Food for Life"

Too many people are needlessly hungry!

One of six people in Africa have so little to eat that they become ill easily and many die. Young children are dying because they do not get enough food to keep them healthy and alive.

During the next hour six hundred children will die in Africa, chiefly because they could not get enough to eat. During this day 15 000 people died from diseases related to inadequate feeding. Tragically, 11 000 of these people died on the land which could have produced the food they needed.

Lack of food does not only weaken and kill people - it takes their homes away! In the past 10 years millions of Africans have left their homes in search of food and water never to return. Yet here in Africa only a quarter of our farmlands are being farmed effectively at present.

Why don't hungry people grow their own food and live?

Why do they die on the very soil in which they could have grown the food they needed?...

Many scouts do not live in farming areas where our food is grown but in cities and may never have seen a hen lay an egg or a vegetable grown in the soil. Others have never caught a fish or seen a fruit hanging on a tree.

Our food seems to come to us from shops and we have to pay money to get it.

But there is also hunger in our cities. There are those who can't afford to buy enough food! They suffer hunger ... and may even starve, surrounded by shops full of food, unless someone else feeds them.

Food is life in the city as well as in the countryside!

Whether town or country - people are not hungry because there is no food, they are hungry because they cannot grow their own or have no money to buy food from others.

Getting food is the real problem

Getting food means having enough money to buy it or having land, tools, seeds, water, and know-how skills to grow it for yourself. Being hungry and willing to work hard is not enough.

But starvation and hunger can be avoided! The cause of hunger is poverty. When people are helped to help themselves they have a greater chance to live in safety and peace for food is life.

Everyone needs to know how to get food

Getting food is only the also has to be stored safely and kept without spoiling...for the season when it does not grow in the soil. Food also has to be eaten to prevent hunger. Many foods need to be cooked before they can be used by our bodies.

Everyone needs to know how to keep and cook food

Food-action is one of Africa's basic needs.

We need to ...

  • Care for young children by feeding them properly.
  • Teach the skills of 'food getting' - farming.
  • Help people to help themselves.

There can be no peace and safety while there are hungry people desperate to feed their families at all costs.

Scouts should share in concerned food-action

Food-action takes 'know how', land space, water and the will to work. As we care for each other - we find we are caring for the earth. The health of the earth is the health of its peoples. The land does not belong to us - we belong to the land. We depend on it for our food. It is our life!



Part 1: Getting Food

In this kit...

You learn how to get food:

1. Getting Food
How to store and keep food:

2. Stopping food from spoiling
How to prepare food for eating:

3. Preparing food for eating

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