Be Prepared for Life

Activity Kit Two:
"At Home in the City"

Today many young South Africans live in cities...

The green, clean countryside is far away - it may even be unreal for some!

Yet our world is ONE WORLD - and 'city attitudes' do affect life in the unseen countryside. Many city folks want their food to be cheaper. No matter what it costs someone else, somewhere else!

  • Do city people really care for the earth?
  • Do the people in your street care for the earth?
  • Do you care for the earth?
We share this earth together...
  • In the city we share our spaces with many others.
  • Our homes line the streets...
  • All streets run together.
  • We have to learn to share the city world.

Those who care about their HOMES
will also care about their STREETS.

Your street, like your home, is another tiny model of caring for your world.

  • It's the place where you learn to live together with your neighbours.
  • It's the place you have to care for - together.
  • It's the place that you should want to keep... CLEAN, GREEN AND SAFE ...for your own sake.
  • It's the place that links you to and reminds you of other people, for the roads go everywhere, touching all other lives.
The people of earth are one family.
Families should care about each other!
But do we? Is your street-world a family group or a collection of home-owners who don't know how to care for their shared world?

Scouts should lead the way towards street-caring action.

Street-caring takes `know how', skills and the will to work. Earth-caring demands the same abilities. As we all learn to share the Earth together, we experience greater happiness in sharing our love and concern with our friends and neighbours.

Good Scouting is friendship building.

Plan to be a street-friend and start to make a difference in your city.

Part 1: Living on Clean Street

In this kit...

You learn how you can help keep your STREETS clean:

1. Living on Clean Street
How you can help to make your STREETS beautiful:

2. Living on Green Street
How to protect the earth through responsible shopping:

3. Living on Busy Street
How to make your STREET safer through concerned driver action:

3. Living on Main Road

© Copyright 1991 - 1994
Dr Frank Opie for the South African Scout Association