Be Prepared for Life

Activity Kit One:
"There's no place like Home"

Good Scouting begins at HOME...

  • Preparing for life begins at HOME.
  • Learning to live lightly on the earth starts at HOME
  • HOME is the place where we can most easily make earth-caring changes to our behavious
  • HOME is the place where we show others what we really do about our environment.
  • There is no point in talking one message to others and living another at home.

If we do not learn to care AT HOME
then we do not learn to care AT ALL!

We all have a home and it can be treated like a tiny model of our world.

  • It is the place where we first learn to live together and love each other.
  • We will not want to hurt each other by damaging the tiny 'home world' we share together.
  • We will want to keep our homes clean and safe for each other.
  • We care for our homes and work to keep them as nice as we can.
Home-caring takes 'know how', skills and the will to work. Earth-caring demands the same abilities for the same reasons. We all share the Earth together. We find happiness as we share our 'EARTH HOME' with love and concern for our friends and neighbours. A Scout is a friend to all.

Being a friend starts at HOME.


Part 1: The Clean, Safe Home

In this kit...

You learn ow to keep your HOME clean and safe:

1. The Clean, Safe Home
How to save money at HOME:

2. Save Money at Home
How to protect the earth at HOME:

3. Protect Nature at Home

© Copyright 1991 - 1994
Dr Frank Opie for the South African Scout Association