Be Prepared for Life

Environmental activities for Scouts

Educational aims

The Be Prepared for Life activity kits have three broad goals...
  1. to encourage earth-caring attitudes and values through Scouting by promoting environmental knowledge and skills in order that we may all learn to live more lightly on the earth,
  2. to encourage caring relationships between people and our shared environment by means of co-operative work and community service promoting the image of Scouting as a relevant activity for life,
  3. to promote the educational goals of Scouting by linking with the content of formal education [for the world of school] while providing complementary life-skill building activities [for the world of work].

BE PREPARED FOR LIFE is a Scout resource development kit in environmental education which aims to promote the goals of Scouting. It represents a broad spectrum, hands-on approach to the whole environment [natural, built, rural and personal]. We believe it is a logical step towards more effective Scouting which is supported by the new environmental educational emphasis of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. It aims to share and incorporate good local ideas into a future edition of these activity kits.

Every Scouter is invited to complete the report sheet that is attached behind this package so that our best methods can be shared with others.

BE PREPARED FOR LIFE is environmental education for busy concerned Scouters.

This means that the approach is direct, positive and practical. We want a spirit of hope and teamwork to be encouraged while working at improving the conditions under which we share the earth. The benefits must be obvious to all in each community.

BE PREPARED FOR LIFE recognises cultural differences and respects them. As such it seeks to encourage all Scouters to identify with local community needs by selecting projects that are appropriate to the lives of their Scouts, their families and the wider local community.

BE PREPARED FOR LIFE is a series of activity kits covering different relevant environmental education themes which will be available to patrols and interested groups at regular intervals.

Each kit contains...

  1. A CHART for the Patrol den wall which will illustrate Scouts involved in different environmental activities as detailed in the accompanying Scouter booklet.
  2. A BOOKLET which introduces the theme. It contains an information section and a project section which Scouters may use selectively to encourage appropriate environmental activities for their groups.
    The project's usefulness will vary according to local opportunities and needs and it is strongly recommended that successful projects be used for appropriate badge recognition.

The following kits are available:

BE PREPARED FOR LIFE is not perfect or complete in its present form. Scouters are strongly encouraged to share in its development by sending your comments to SCOUTS South Africa

This kit is sent to you in recognition of the key role you play and the opportunity you have to encourage a greater sense of self worth and earth caring in your group and as an ambassador of better Scouting or earth caring in your community.

The environmental concern and support of the Southern African Nature Foundation (WWF Southern Africa) and the South African Scout Association are recognised with sincere appreciation.

Chief Scout of South Africa

© Copyright 1991 - 1994
Dr Frank Opie for the South African Scout Association