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You might like to know more about the author of BE PREPARED FOR LIFE or where you can find his other environmental resource guides...

Dr. Frank Opie has authored several popular environmental guides for formal and non formal educators in addition to the six BE PREPARED FOR LIFE project kits. He is a lecturer in teacher education at the Cape Town College of Teacher Education [Head of Science Department] and has qualifications in geography and life science, environmental education and environmental psychology.

He has run workshops throughout South Africa and abroad in both formal and informal educational settings. He is the current National Commissioner for Environmental Education for the South African Scout Association and a member of the World Scout SCENE committee.


Other Environmental Publications by Dr Frank Opie

These books are all responses to requests to assist empower South African schools and Scout communities to run their own environmental programmes more successfully. They have been widely recognised within South Africa and at World Scout level...

THE OUTDOOR CLASSROOM was cited as a finalist in the 1993 South African Conserva Awards and recognised by The Land Service Movement in 1994.

THE WHOLE ENVIRONMENTAL PORTFOLIO OF BOOKS below was recognised by World Wildlife Fund (South Africa) for a Green Award: Individual Category 1995, presented by HRH, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

They can all be obtained through the author's environmental publisher:

MASKEW MILLER LONGMAN, PO Box 396, Cape Town 8000, South Africa.
Facsimile orders: + 27 (021) 531-4049
E-mail orders :

A teacher's guide to effective field work

ISBN 0 636 01153 4 (1989)

This book was specially written for teachers and youth leaders with holistic outdoor education in mind. It is a practical guide of concepts that have helped thousands of South African teachers feel comfortable with their classes in the great outdoors through over 50 national workshops.

Also available in Afrikaans as:

DIE BUITELUGKLASKAMER: 'n Gids vir onderwysers en jeugleiers tot doeltreffende veldwerk.

ISBN 0 636 01410X (1990)

Scouting for nature and the environment

ISBN 0 636 01726 5 (1990)

This successful Scout guide was inspired by the success of the OUTDOOR CLASSROOM It was designed to assist in popularising environmental education through action activities inside the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. It is written in a world context and requires no specialised background at all.

It is a book for thoughtful Scouters seeking to make a difference in their local communities, without having to read through a library of other books first.

The Catholic Scouts of Portugal have translated it into Portuguese as:

ESCUTEIRO GLOBAL: Um Escutismo para a natureza e o ambiente.

ISBN 972-740-060-4 (1994)

SONG OF EARTH SERIES (Available in three parts)

Awakening earth love in the young and young at heart

ISBN 0-636-016155-3 (1992)

This guide is designed to assist awakening earth love and love of community through awareness and action. It is so suited to the developmental needs of the young that many parents are using it in their own home schooling programmes. It is a foundational book for parents, teachers, nature conservators, youth leaders and concerned families everywhere.

An environmental resource manual for pre-primary and junior primary teachers

ISBN 0-636-01731-1 (1993)

This book is a holistic approach to environmental awareness, designed for teachers of the 4 to 9 age middle school group. The work was co-authored with Ms. Maureen Schuil a junior primary teacher with global experience. This popular guide is a basic resource for many teacher's of early learning in South Africa.

An environmental resource manual for the senior primary and junior secondary teacher

ISBN 0-636-02470-9 (1997)

This book builds on the learning development encouraged in the first two books in this series, being intended for 9 to 14 year olds. It is an important book for those seeking new and innovative was of approaching environmental education yet firmly rooted in sound educational practice. i

All these books have been extensively field tested and reviewed in a variety of communities and different cultures through the author's own extensive contacts with students and their classes in South Africa and are based on his own researchin the environment with Southern African communities.

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Dr Frank Opie for the South African Scout Association