"Be Prepared for Life"

Environmental Activities for Scouts

Welcome, Scouts, to Be Prepared For Life. In this series of activity kits, you will discover a whole new attitude to the environment and your community, and learn how to apply your Scouting skills in relevant ways to everyday life.

In each kit you will be able to put your Scouting into practice with dozens of practical activities which are applicable in your community.

In Kit One: There's No Place Like Home, you discover that good Scouting begins at home...

...because home is where we show what we really believe about the environment.

  • This kit shows how to keep our homes clean and safe,
  • how to save money at home, and
  • how to protect the earth at home.

In Kit Two: At Home in the City, you discover how to share our city and streets with others...

...because good Scouting is friendship building.

  • This kit shows how to keep our streets clean, beautiful and safe,
  • how to shop responsibly, and
  • how to care for our street community.

In Kit Three: Food for Life, you discover how Scouts should help people to help themselves...

...because too many people are needlessly hungry.

  • This kit shows how to get food,
  • how to store and prepare food, and
  • how to prepare food.

In Kit Four: Water for Life, you discover how Scouts should respect and protect water...

...because water is our most precious resource.

  • This kit shows how to collect and store water,
  • how to purify water, and
  • how to care for and enjoy water.

In Kit Five: Living with the Soil, you discover how to protect our soil from erosion...

...because soil is life.

  • This kit shows how to understand and appreciate soil,
  • how to care for and protect soil, and
  • how to use our soil sustainably - so that it lasts.

In Kit Six: The World of Work, you discover job skills...

...because environmental education means skills for life.

  • This kit shows how to find out what people need,
  • how to make the product cost effectively,
  • how to set up an organisation to manufacture the product, and
  • sales techniques to help you market your product..

For the Scouter, Be Prepared for Life sets out the educational aims and provides an index of projects that helps you select the environmental project appropriate to your group and its local needs.


Meet the author

© Copyright 1991 - 1994
Dr Frank Opie for the South African Scout Association


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